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Vera Farmiga: Ghost Hunter with a Soul

21 Jul

Vera Farmiga - 0001

Vera Farmiga is having a huge year in 2013. From being Norma, Norman Bate’s mother on cable to portraying the world’s most famous true life ghost-hunter in THE CONJURING – this exciting actress has come into her own after years of struggling with lesser parts.


Vera’s mesmerizing performance in this weekend’s hit horror story comes on the heels of a seventeen-year acting career. Vera began acting in theater in 1996 with her big screen debut in Return to Paradise (1998). She starred as a working-class mother hiding her drug addiction in Down to the Bone (2004) for which she won critical acclaim and a shot at the big-time. I remember first laying eyes on beautiful Vera when she played a clinical psychologist torn romantically between the good Leo DiCaprio and the very bad Matt Damon. The role springboarded her into her Oscar-nominated performance in Up In The Air (2009) opposite George Clooney.


Every time Vera was onscreen, my eyes were drawn to her amazingly expressive and open face. She has an animal magnetism that’s augmented by a fierce intelligence. I loved her in that role, and loved hating her at the end. But throughout, the well-rounded performance showed a range of an actress that was going places.


Now that Vera has a hit-franchise with THE CONJURING (there are several sequels in the offing, of course) we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her. This actor/director’s star has officially ascended over Hollywood. And I hope it stays up there for a very long time.