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Jessica Chastain: Sexy Chameleon

5 Jan


Jessica is one of those rare film creatures that can change their spots depending on the role they’ve taken on. The actress came to prominence in 2011 with such films as The Help and the The Tree of Life.  She’s now a bonafide movie star with her latest role in the controversial Zero Dark Thirty (2013) but I have no fear of her ever being typecast or over-exposed. Why? Because she’s a chameleon that’s why.

Her role in The Help is so far from the self-assured CIA Agent in ZDT that I had to remind myself that it was the same person. Even better, Jessica can play period (i.e. historical) better than any modern actress can. She was hot, sexy and visceral in last year’s Lawless, not that many people saw that flick. But she was, for me, the surprise breakout in The Help as a ditzy Marilyn Monroe double with the proverbial heart of gold. Again, a far cry from the ball-busting CIA agent in the new Kathryn Bigelow thriller.

And what’s even better than being young, famous and a go-to actress in Hollyweird? Being a nice person. Jessica is so nice, in fact, that she won’t eat anything with a face (which is about as anti-Hollywood as you can get in my book). Yep, she’s a vegan and always has been. It’s part of her philosophy not to do harm to anything or anyone while she’s incarnate on the planet. And that includes eating anything that had parents or can stare back at you.


So, to recap I think we can safely say that Jessica will be around for awhile. I’m glad for that because she’s beautiful, glamorous and one of the most talented young actresses of her generation. And she truly is a chameleon. Which only means you have to keep a keen eye out for her next role. I’m a big fan of the tall, thin red-head with a heart of gold. And I know a bunch of animals who are big fans of her as well.