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Noomi Rapace: The New Swedish Sphinx

24 Mar

Noomi is beautiful. Noomi is strong. She inherits the legacy of Garbo on her own terms. Her animal magnetism brought her to international stardom the same way Garbo’s did. The big difference is Garbo never kicked anybody’s ass. She shot people, sure. But lighting them on fire? No so much. Still, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had a vulnerability to her. Lisbeth Salander was a complex character. Her pathos was purely and utterly perfect to the times in which she exists. And nobody (sorry, Miss Mara) could touch Noomi’s performance – especially in the first movie.

Now Noomi is in America and fluent in English ( a lot faster than Garbo did, maybe because Garbo made silent movies when she first hit our shores). Noomi has been in the Sherlock Holmes piece of crap, yet came up smelling like a rose. But her true American star turn will be in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. And I think she’s going to be HUGE. Like, Ripley in Aliens huge. That’s a lot of pressure for any actress, but not Noomi. She’s got such a work ethic and professionalism – I really think she could pull off any role she set her mind to. Maybe someday she’ll tackle the most demanding role imaginable and play the original Swedish Sphinx – Garbo. Now that I have to see!!