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Milla Jovovich: Resident Beauty

4 Mar


Milla has been around longer than most stars for two simple reasons: She was embryonic when she started out as a model and she’s actually become more beautiful (and a talented actress) as she’s aged. She also a musician, entrepreneur and mom! Because I’m not a fan of Resident Evil franchise, I mostly wait for Milla to show up in films like STONE (opposite heavyweights DeNiro and Ed Norton) and the indie DIRTY GIRL (as a hot mom opposite Bill Macy). Her work is always interesting and frequently amazing – she was the best thing in Stone, hands down.

Milla Jovovich

Of course, many remember Milla from The Fifth Element…fewer from Joan of Arc and both directed by her former flame/ex Luc Besson. But I think Milla still has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to the silver screen. Her natural talent and screen presence make her a formidable actress. And her animal magnetism reminds me of the heroines from the glamorous 30’s and 40’s when actresses had FACES. I’m hoping she eventually does do a period piece/historical film a la Camille. I could see her pulling of a courtesan just as easily as blowing away aliens and zombies. Maybe if Hollywood resurrects Pride & Prejudice and Zombies Milla will finally get her big Hollywood hit. Then again, I’d prefer she continues with the Resident Evil franchise just so she can do the smaller, more serious films where her beauty really shines through without all the explosions and special effects. Either way, here’s to Ms. Milla being around for a long, long time.