Diane Kruger: Hot Blonde for a Hot Summer Night

29 Jun


Diane Kruger seems to have it all: Looks, Talent, Glamor and a Hollywood fiance. What perplexes me is whether she’ll get the breaks all great actresses need to become truly great. By that I mean, luck mixed with serendipity for the right roles to come along at the right time for Diane to transcend her current “It” girl status into a serious Hollywood career with mass appeal and the resulting Box Office to make her an A-Lister.


The answer is: I certainly hope so. She seems so well-grounded, so unassuming and approachable even though she’s drop-dead gorgeous and her looks are more befitting a bygone era of Hollywood than today’s youth-obsessed, blink and they’re gone ingenues who grace magazine covers and TMZ for what seems a fortnight – then off to oblivion. No, none of this will happen to Ms. Kruger. She’s far too intelligent, too talented and too clever to ever just poof and be gone. But at the same time, she needs a signature role that will help solidify her standing in the overcrowded Hollywood firmament. A role that will make her a household name with the likes of Bullock, Jolie and Kidman.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment DVD Launch Of "Inglourious Basterds"

Or, maybe she’ll move to Europe and be a big star where actresses are truly appreciated. I simply don’t know. What I wish for – is that someday soon I’ll see Diane in a juicy, complex and glamorous role that will translate her talent, good looks and sex-appeal into big box office. That’s the only real way to get Hollywood’s attention. And after that, she can do whatever she wants; small, personal films with great characters and storylines. Or, dark, moody indies that expand her range. And after five years, then she can move to Europe. I’ll even help her pack!


One Response to “Diane Kruger: Hot Blonde for a Hot Summer Night”

  1. wattsatthemovies July 1, 2013 at 11:40 pm #

    I agree, Kruger is amazing! I really hoped that her star would shing brighter after “Inglourious Basterds”, had it been a different year with less competition, she might’ve scored an Oscar nomination. That being said, I know she’s been doing more French films of late. I still haven’t seen “Les adieux à la Reine” and “Un plan parfait” but I do intend to!

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