Jennifer Lawrence: Catching Fire All Over Again

22 Feb


Jennifer Lawrence is the complete package. She is the “It” Grrrl of the decade. Her face is luminous as is her acting. Her off-screen personality is irreverent and sexy. She’s 22 years old and she has Hollywood and the world by the tail with a hit, Oscar-worthy performance (Silver Linings Playbook) and a global franchise (Hunger Games) to keep her afloat for the next 5 years. It’s enough to give anyone a big head but Jennifer remains grounded with friends and family. For now, you say? True. But I have faith in Miss Lawrence. Simply because she’s simultaneously fearless and self-effacing at the same time.

18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at Barker Hangar

I didn’t really understand how versatile Jennifer was until I saw ‘Silver Linings’.  She was that movie for me. And when you have Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro rounding out the cast, well, then she’s got what it takes times ten. To be so young, so talented and so sought-after is often a dangerous thing in tinseltown. They’d rather chew you up and spit you out as fast as they can make a buck off you rather than nuture an actress’s career for the long haul. So many actresses hit big and are seen everywhere one year – only to fade into oblivion long before their true potential is tapped. I’m hoping that Jennifer is smarter than this (I think she is) and surrounds herself with astute, centered management. Because it would be a shame to not have Jennifer be the new Meryl. Not that there is anything wrong with the old Meryl.


So here’s to Jennifer winning gold this Sunday at the Oscars and the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the silver screen. She’s off to a great start with both Silver Linings and Hunger Games, the latter of which would never have made an impact without her singular performance. Just goes to show that once in awhile a standout actress can make oodles of money and still have the acting chops to turn in stellar character-performances like she did in Winter’s Bone. That’s range, baby. And here’s to Jennifer enjoying many more Oscar seasons in the spotlight!


4 Responses to “Jennifer Lawrence: Catching Fire All Over Again”

  1. iowajohnbirchsociety February 22, 2013 at 12:53 am #

    Unique is a good word for her. Like her role in The Burning Plain.

  2. c taylor February 27, 2013 at 4:45 am #

    Another great post about another great leading lady. I loved watching Jennifer Lawrence behind the scenes at the 85th Academy Awards (when Jack Nicholson approached and subsequently hit on her) – she showed a sort of grounded, down to Earth charm that is so inescapably likable. Loved her in Winter’s Bone – have you seen The Poker House?

    • iheartingrid February 27, 2013 at 4:50 am #

      Haven’t seen The Poker House but will put it on my very next netflix. I saw her react to Jack, too. She’s so amazingly confident and her own person at 22. Wish I was that way when I was her age:-)

  3. ELYSE SNOW March 2, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Love me some Jennifer Lawrence! Ever since I saw WINTER’S BONE I have been a fan, completely at her feet. She is the real deal as an actress. Your post is right on track, thanks!

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